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Saturday-Sunday April 18th-19th, 2020.

ATTENTION: If you're serious and want to earn a 6-figure income by riding the largest trading beauty industry of the 21st century. HERE YOU GO!!!. No more excuses!
Become a CERTIFIED MICROBLADING ARTIST by taking our 2 day PREMIUM, Online Live Video Microblading Certification Class!
Imagine that by becoming a certified microblading artist, you can enjoy your life while earning more than $100 per hour...

According to Ziprecruiter®, Professional Microblading artists earn an average of $84,000+ in a year and are in high demand.
The procedure of Microblading costs around $800-$800 and takes 2-3 hours to complete.

That's $200-$400 per hour and it is really achievable by being a Microblading Artist!

As per current demand, technicians can do as much as 4 procedures a day that can recoup their training cost within 14 days.
*  All numbers are approximate and may vary depending on clientele, location and marketing.
Microblading training opens up a whole new world for our students.

If the training cost is a concern when booking your microblading certification training, remember that the average cost to perform a microblading treatment is $500-$800. Student certification fees will be covered in ONLY 4-6 treatments.

Microblading is an artistic career. Clients pay for a skill set provided by the artist. So, providing the actual service, from artist to client, costs the artist very little, mainly time.

Be a part of the very lucrative microblading industry by joining BrowBeat Advanced Microblading certification and training.
" I want to help empower women to have something they've worked hard at that can make great money at".
- Tenielle Powers, Founder, Browbeat Training and Certification
Note: No prior experience is necessary, whether you are a permanent makeup artist or a complete beginner, we will give you all the training and tools you need to become a successful Microblading practitioner and FINALLY earn what you deserve.
What LIFESTYLE could this create for YOU?
  • A lifestyle friendly business where you live life on your terms
  • ​Breaking free from the scarcity in your life
  • ​Pay off student loans
  • ​Creating wealth and abundance for you and your family
  • ​Take that vacation you always wanted without concern for the cost
  • ​Save for retirement
  • ​Financial Freedom to follow your passions and travel the globe
  • ​Feel purpose and fulfillment being creative
  • ​Have flexibility in your schedule for family
  • ​Feel rewarded by making people feel complete and beautiful
  • ​Give people confidence while gaining personal achievement and confidence
Two very important quotes to remember!!!
"You possess greatness within you, let your inner voice speak loud, and get rid of the doubts that have been holding you back".
- Alberto J. Raggio, Motivational Speaker & Mentor
"The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors".
- Napoleon Hill, Legen
BrowBeat Studio
  • Undertaking client consultations
  • ​​The Golden ratio
  • ​Undertaking numerous microblading techniques to meet the client expectations
  • ​Assessing numerous skin types and shades for optimum results
  • ​Prepare treatment rooms correctly
  • ​​Practicing health safety, sanitation, and sterilization
  • ​Proper use of tools and products during the procedure
  • ​Drawing eyebrows on paper
  • ​Adding in inner upper and lower strokes to make a full eyebrow
  • ​Color theory
  • ​Fixing odd shapes
  • What to do If microblading gone wrong
  • ​Learn different types of hair strokes pattern
  • ​Learning how to prevent infections
  • ​Manage the client throughout the treatment
  • ​Drawing a perfect shape according to client's needs and desires
  • ​Creating perfect symmetry through Shaping method
  • ​Covering aged Permanent Tattoo markings
  • ​Discussing long and short-term aftercare with clients
  • ​Dedicated and licensed instructor
  • ​Lifetime certificate
  • ​​Free lifetime support and mentorship

BrowBeat has tailored a THREE-PART course to make sure you retain the information we teach.

Part 1 – Premium Online Live Video Training

This premium online live video training creates structure and solidifies the rules for the basic brow pattern. Students get to know their mentors via live online education, where students are allowed to ask questions and receive immediate answers. It's just like a real classroom experience, and this creates the basis for continued learning online. The premium online live video training establishes the platform and confidence to constant correspondence and course completion online.

Part 2- Online Education and Tutorials

Students will receive a certificate of attendance for being a part of the premium online live video training; however, the full certification continues online. Students will have 24 hours a day access to video tutorials that re-instill information learned during training day. These videos can be watched as many times as the student needs and at any time. This process continually backs up students learning. Students will receive diagrams and treatment videos to watch and re-watch as they practice and develop their microblading skills and processes.

Part 3 – Support

Microblading is a learned skill, so practice is needed while developing talent during the completion of the online tutorials. Post-training, all students are grouped in an online chat group,this gives students the ability to ask their mentor those niggling questions as they develop. This provides students with support and assurance should a problem arise. There are no questions too difficult for our mentors!
The Person Behind BrowBeat Studio & Training Academy
Tanielle Powers, Microblading Expert and Mentor
Tenielle is the owner and founder of BrowBeat Advanced Microblading Training and Certification. Tenielle was a bad microblading story herself having an extremely second rate experience with a local artist in Dallas.
But, she made a negative into a positive deciding to create BrowBeat and correct all the problems that happened to her through education, assessment and tailoring to every single client that walked through her door.
And the rest is history, as they say, BrowBeat Advanced Microblading Training and certification is now the leader in DFW for superior microblading education.
Come Join The Microblading Movement
This is an excellent class, extremely informative and FUN! I had so much fun learning the art of microblading, from understanding the tools to drawing eyebrows on fruit. Never a dull moment in this class! There's so much dedication in the teaching you can really feel the passion and honesty from our teacher, Tanielle. She's very knowledgeable and gives an in depth answer to any questions. I walked out of class feeling like I had all the tools and information to start my own journey in microblading. If you're looking to learn how to micro blade or want to start a business this is a great class. Tanielle will not only help you learn to micro blade but also help with understanding how to start a business doing so. Awesome class, awesome teacher. Well worth the time!
Erica Bury
Next Training April 18th-19th, 2020
Join Our 2 Day Premium Online Live Video Microblading Certification Class!
This Is Your Chance To Be Your Own Boss

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